Saturday 20 May 2017

Ice cream milkshake sundae - summer fun cross stitch design.

Ice cream milkshake sundae - summer fun cross stitch design.

Colour Where is it used Anchor Thread numbers
Black Outline on icecream, cherry and wafers 403
Pink scoop of ice cream 48
Yellow scoop of ice cream 293
Red Cherry and stripes on straw 46
White Shiny areas on cherry and stripes on straw 2
Brown Ice cream scoops and backstitch on wafer (shown in red the chart) 1048
Light brown On wafer 852
Dark blue Outline and details on glass 123
Light blue Main colour on glass 1031

Hello everyone,
I got a little bit peckish and decided to draw a delicious summer treat for you all.
What better to have on a warm summers day than a cool milkshake topped off with ice cream and a wafer. This is something that you would find at a beach side cafe to sip while under a beach umbrella.I may have to pack myself a nice cross stitch kit to work on while i enjoy the sunshine this year. I look out of the window and hope for some but its been raining all week :(

Feel free to change up the scoops of ice cream to represent your favourite flavours. Its as simple as picking a skien of embroidery thread which reminds you most of that flavour and swapping it out.

Anyway I hope you enjoy this design
Much love and happy stitching.
Gemma xx

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