Friday 22 June 2018

Red and yellow high speed train cross stitch design

Red and yellow high speed train cross stitch design

Stitch preview

Chart with grid

Colour Anchor Thread numbers DMC thread numbers
Black 403 310
White 2 White
Red 1098 3801
Yellow 290 444
Dark grey 235 414
Light grey 234 762

This design was originally drawn in Anchor colours and a conversion chart was used to get the DMC thread numbers. For the closest match to the picture please use Anchor colours.

Hello everyone,

A friend mentioned that there was not many cross stitch designs of modern trains. Of course as any seasoned cross stitcher would know there are loads of designs of steam trains (or even Thomas the Tank Engine characters) they make some lovely stitches to sew with all the detail and the beauty of steam. However there are many kids who would associate trains with the modern sleek high speed trains we see today.

So this one is for all the train enthusiasts who want something a little more modern for their stitching or decoration.

Much love and happy stitching

Gemma xx

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