Tuesday 29 March 2016

Happy Birthday BuzyBobbins and blog update

Happy Birthday BuzyBobbins and blog update

Hello everyone, I have some exciting news, About this time four years ago was when I first posted on this blog. Wow its been a long time and I hadn't even noticed.
I'm really glad I'm still able to share cross stitch designs will all of you out there. Feel free to give me a wave or a comment since I don't actually know who is popping past at all.

However with this announcement comes some sad news I'm going to have to slow down my designing and craft posts to give me time to catch up with life and work, by all means don't take this to mean that there will be no more cross stitch designs posted here to share but they may end up being once a week depending on how everything settles out.

Thank you for joining me on this wonderful journey, I have spotted a few of my designs here and there around the internet which makes me glad people are able to use them and it brings enjoyment and allows crafters to enjoy the wonderful and relaxing art of cross stitch.

So heres to cross stitch, crafts, designs and the happier things in life
Gemma x

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