Friday 11 March 2016

How to make a Jake the dog decoration from an old Christmas bauble

How to make a Jake the dog decoration from an old Christmas bauble

Hello everyone,
Heres a quick tutorial on how to make a Jake the dog themed decoration.

For those who do not know Jake the dog is a character from Adventure time, he is Finn the humans loyal friend who helps him on his adventures. However Jake tends to be rather lazy which can sometimes get him into more trouble. Luckily for Jake he is a magical dog with amazing stretching, growing and shrinking powers. This is one of the reasons I think Jake looks really good on a  bauble because of his powers he could possibly be a sphere if he wanted to, but then he could also be anything else he wanted also.

Ok so this decoration can be used on a Christmas tree but it does not have to be a soley Christmas decoration. It would look great with a collection of other Adventure time goodies

What you will need:
Gold/ Yellow Christmas bauble
Black and Yellow acrylic paint
Paint sealant spray (optional)

Step 1:

Start by making sure your bauble is clean and free of dust. Dust will definitely get in the way of the painting process but a quick wipe with a cloth usually gets rid of it.
Place your Bauble somewhere secure to begin painting. I find that a small cup or egg cup can work really well to hold a bauble in place.

Next take your black paint and start by drawing the sausage shape which will become Jakes jowls.

Step 2:

Keep your black paint out and fill in an oval shape inbetween the jowls to make the nose and two circles as shown in the picture to make the eyes.
If you are worried about smudging the paint while handing it give the paint a little while to dry before going on to the next step.

Step 3:
In-between the jowls paint on Jakes mouth again in black paint. This is where it would be good to get out some reference pictures if you want to change up the expression but here I just gave him a nice smile.
After that paint a U shape on each side of the Bauble for his ears

Step 4:
Let your black paint dry before this next step.

Take your white paint and paint in side the eyes. Take a look at a reference picture for this, take note that the white areas on Jake are rarely completely circular and the exact shape depends on what direction he is looking in.
Next paint small dots inside the mouth for his teeth. When Jakes mouth is open his top teeth are often visible but you do not see his bottom teeth as often.

Step 5:(optional)
Once your paint has fully dried you can optionally use paint sealant spray according to the packet instructions. This will help stop the paint from chipping off if the bauble is dropped or handled but if its only going to be hanging up you may be fine not using it.

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