Saturday 26 March 2016

How to make a Chain Chomp Christmas bauble

How to make a Chain Chomp Christmas bauble

Hello everyone
This week its time for a tutorial on how to make a chain chomp Christmas decoration from an old bauble. I remember being rather scared of these guys back in the N64 days but luckily the chain made them easy to run away from.
While this decoration is made from an old Christmas bauble it can be used on a tree like in the picture above but it can always be used as a fun decoration all year round. I need to get a picture of this guy terrorising my Amiibos.

What you will need:
An old Christmas bauble
A short length of chain (easily found in craft or DIY stores)
A split ring (can be taken from an old keyring if you can't find one)
Acrylic paint in Navy blue, white and black
Paint sealant spray (optional)
A pair of pliers
A cup to rest your bauble in

Step 1.
Get your bauble, If is dark blue or white please continue to step 2. If not I recommend Painting your entire bauble white. This is a great way to use a really scuffed or worn bauble since you will be covering it in paint all over so covering all of the scuffed areas.
If your bauble is originally a very dark colour you may need more than one layer of white paint to cover it.
Place your bauble in a cup or hang it up to dry. I found that hanging it up allowed be to paint more of the bauble at once.

Step 2:
Paint the Blue areas of the chain chomp. Leave the area for the mouth and eyes white. If you need to draw on guide lines in pencil.
If your bauble is Dark blue already paint the eyes and mouth on in white.

Step 3:
Using a reference picture use black paint to surround the mouth and eyes. Add the teeth and Pupils. 

Step 4:
Use your pliers to open the end link of your chain then thread it through the hanging loop of the bauble. Use your pliers again to close the loop so the chain is surely fastened to the hanging loop. 
Next add your split ring to the other end of the chain so it looks like this:

 Here I have taken the top off my bauble to make it easier to see. Remember that the top doesn't come off all baubles so don't force it to avoid breaking your bauble. 

Step 5: (optional)
Spray your bauble with paint sealant spray according to the packet instructions.
This is optional but the spray can help keep the paint from scuffing off of your bauble while being displayed or stored. Allow your bauble to dry according to the instructions.

Lastly find a nice place to put your Chain Chomp, it can be hung from the split ring or placed on top of your Christmas tree branches as if waiting for Mario to walk by. 

So I hope you all enjoyed this little tutorial and have fun making your own Chain Chomp decoration. 

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